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    Factors Affecting the Contaminated Microplastics Information Exposure and Behavior of Using Plastic in Daily Life 

    PARADEE PANSRIWORAPONG; ภารดี พันธุ์ศรีวรพงษ์; Wisakha Phoochinda; วิสาขา ภู่จินดา; National Institute of Development Administration. The Graduate School of Environmental Development Administration; Wisakha Phoochinda; วิสาขา ภู่จินดา (National Institute of Development Administration, 12/8/2022)

    The purpose of this study is to investigate factors affecting the contaminated microplastics Information exposure and behavior of using plastic in daily life among people in the Bangkok Metropolitan Region, to search for the relationship between knowledge, belief and fear about microplastics contamination with exposure to information on microplastics contaminated and behavior of using plastic products in daily life and then to propose appropriate guidelines for preventive management on problems of microplastics contamination including the behavior ...