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    Exposure and Attitude of Middle-Income Investors Toward Mutual Fund Investment Media and Content 

    Panatchakorn Lieosakul; พนัชกร เลียวสกุล; Warat Karuchit; วรัชญ์ ครุจิต; Warat Karuchit; วรัชญ์ ครุจิต (National Institute of Development Administration, 7/1/2022)

    Encouraging people to save money by investing in mutual funds can help improve people’s quality of life and be a major driving force for economic growth and development. Moreover, in the digital age, investors’ self-information-seeking and management behaviours have spurred the growth of online media for financial and investment information. Due to the important role of mutual fund investment communication, this research aims to study the exposure and attitudes of middle-income investors towards mutual fund investment media and contents to guide ...