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    Discourses of HIV-Related Stigma towards Gay Men on Thai Social Media: Consequences and Strategies for Resilience. 

    ชัยวัฒน์ ม่วงทอง; วรัชญ์ ครุจิต; วรัชญ์ ครุจิต (National Institute of Development Administration, 3/6/2022)

    The aim of this study was (i) to inspect the discourse of HIV-related stigma toward gay men on Thai social media, (ii) to identify the consequences and (iii) to find the strategies for solution of those issue. In this regard, Fairclough’s three-dimensional model was employed to interpret data for the first objective of this research while the analytic induction was used to analyze research findings for the second and third objectives.  The study shows that, for the discourse analysis, Thai social media users tend to stigmatize PLHIV (People ...