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    Political Marketing of The Future Forward Party through Social Media 

    Supphasan Phornprapha; ศุภสัณห์ พรประภา; Kullatip Satararuji; กุลทิพย์ ศาสตระรุจิ; Kullatip Satararuji; กุลทิพย์ ศาสตระรุจิ (National Institute of Development Administration, 7/1/2022)

    A study of Political Marketing Communication Strategy through Social Media of the Future Forward Party is to study the content characteristics, formation, and strategies of the Future Forward Party through social media during the party establishment until the last day of elections on March 23, 2019. Based on the analysis of the social media content of the Future Forward Party top three followers from all the party's social media platforms following the Future Forward Party's social media candidate: Thanathorn's Jungrungreangkit Facebook fan page, ...