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    Access to and Benefit Sharing of the Same Plant Genetic Resources in Neighboring Nations 

    Chulaluk Pokasook Panyajitr; จุฬาลักษณ์ โภคาสุข ปัญญจิตร; Wariya Lamlert; วริยา ล้ำเลิศ; National Institute of Development Administration. The Graduate School of Law; Wariya Lamlert; วริยา ล้ำเลิศ (National Institute of Development Administration, 3/6/2022)

    This Thesis showcases a study on a problem in harnessing and sharing benefits from Plant Genetic Resources derived from the same plant type that inhabits countries that share borders, with an objective to study principles and concepts, including laws that apply to such case in both international and national levels, i.e., the Kingdom of Thailand, the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, the Lao People’s Democratic Republic, the Kingdom of Cambodia and the Federation of Malaysia; as well as to propose a solution to the problem about exploiting and sharing ...