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    YUAN LI; YUAN LI; Zhongwu Li; Zhongwu Li; National Institute of Development Administration. International College,; Zhongwu Li; Zhongwu Li (National Institute of Development Administration, 7/1/2023)

    Job insecurity reflects the desire and expectation of organizational managers for employees' exhibition of innovative behavior. Ubiquitous and inevitable, it has gradually become a common psychological problem. As a key driver of innovation, employee innovation depends heavily on knowledge workers, who are best able to spot problems and identify and capture opportunities. Based upon the transactional theory of stress and coping (TTSC), Attribution theory, this paper discusses the influencing mechanism of knowledge workers' job insecurity and ...
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    The Effects of Organizational Factors and Skills Contributing to Innovative Behavior on Innovative Behavior of Employees : A Case Study of a Private Company in Polymer Manufacturing of Thailand 

    Ammaporn Matchacharn; อัมมาภรณ์ มัจฉาชาญ; Budsakorn Watcharasriroj; บุษกร วัชรศรีโรจน์; Budsakorn Watcharasriroj; บุษกร วัชรศรีโรจน์ (National Institute of Development Administration, 7/1/2022)

    The study of the effect of organizational factors and skills contributing to innovative behavior on innovative behavior of employees: a case study of a private company in polymer manufacturing of Thailand. The objectives were: 1) To study organization-level factors that affected the innovative behavior of employees 2) To study the skills contributing to innovative behavior on innovative behavior; and 3) To study the influence of innovative behavior-enhancing skills as mediator variables on employees' innovative behavior; to provide information ...