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    The Effects of Organizational Factors and Skills Contributing to Innovative Behavior on Innovative Behavior of Employees : A Case Study of a Private Company in Polymer Manufacturing of Thailand 

    Ammaporn Matchacharn; อัมมาภรณ์ มัจฉาชาญ; Budsakorn Watcharasriroj; บุษกร วัชรศรีโรจน์; Budsakorn Watcharasriroj; บุษกร วัชรศรีโรจน์ (National Institute of Development Administration, 7/1/2022)

    The study of the effect of organizational factors and skills contributing to innovative behavior on innovative behavior of employees: a case study of a private company in polymer manufacturing of Thailand. The objectives were: 1) To study organization-level factors that affected the innovative behavior of employees 2) To study the skills contributing to innovative behavior on innovative behavior; and 3) To study the influence of innovative behavior-enhancing skills as mediator variables on employees' innovative behavior; to provide information ...