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    The Effects of Imprisonment on the Characteristics Related to the Tendency to Repeat Criminal Offenses by Inmates 

    Choukacher Maneethep; Kasemsarn Chotchakornpant (NIDA, 1/7/19)

    The objective of the research entitled “The Effects of Imprisonment on the Characteristics Related to the Tendency to Repeat Criminal Offenses by Inmates” was to study: 1) the characteristics related to the tendency to repeat criminal offenses by inmates, 2) the effects of imprisonment-related social stigmatization on the characteristics related to the tendency to repeat criminal offenses by inmates, and 3) the interaction effects between age plus rehabilitation programs and the characteristics related to the tendency to repeat criminal offenses ...
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    Paopan Yangkunchao; Udomsak Seenprachawong (NIDA, 10/1/19)

    This study aims to evaluate the health and environmental benefits of organic rice products using the environmental economics valuation technique. By introducing the double bounded contingent valuation method and the utility difference model to elicit willingness to pay of organic rice consumers and to investigate the socioeconomic determinants of the willingness to pay from 620 samples, of Bangkok and Metropolis consumers. the study surveyed by using online and face to face survey approach and also divided into two categories in accordance with ...
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    Xiao Xi; Saran Sarntisart (NIDA, 10/1/19)

    Finance is the general hub of modern market economy operation and plays a non-substitutable important position in economic progress. The fact of financial agglomeration in promoting the economy has been confirmed in the southeastern coastal areas of China, but for the inland areas of the northwest, there is still little research for this "new topic", this field of research is still waiting for people to explore. This paper firstly combs the relevant theories of financial agglomeration. On this basis, the five provinces that constitute the ...
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    Factors  Affecting the Success of Healthy Space Community Development Model:  A  Case of Phasi Charoen District, Bangkok Metropolitian Administration 

    Ananyaporn Imjongjairuk; Duchduen Bhanthumnavin (NIDA, 10/1/19)

    This research was mixed method research. The three objectives of this study were: 1) To study the community operation of healthy space community development model:A case of Phasi Charoen District, Bangkok Metropolitan Administration; 2) To study the success of healthy space community development model: A case of Phasi Charoen District, Bangkok Metropolitan Administration; and 3) To study factors affecting the success of healthy space community development model: A case of Phasi Charoen District, Bangkok Metropolitan Administration. For the ...
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    Jitti Jitklongsub; Chokechai Suveatwatanakul (NIDA, 10/10/19)

    The objectives of this research were to study and verify structural equation model of business ethics, organization culture, employee engagement and job performance of flight attendants. The sample group comprised of premium airlines’ flight attendants. The multiple variables were 10-20 times of observed variables. Since 16 observed variables were set in this research, the sample group size was determined as 20 times of variables. Thus, the appropriate sample group size was at least 320 cases. To ensure that congruence test of empirical data ...
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    Influence of Job Characteristics on Quality of Services Provided by some Postal Offices in Bangkok of Thailand Post Co.,Ltd. in Thailand Post 4.0 Era. 

    Pongwisit Sornchalerm; Pachitjanut Siripanich (NIDA, 10/10/19)

    At present, Thailand Post has many business rivals. One factor that enables the company to compete with rivals is human resource. Thus, the Researcher applies the theory of the 5 aspects of job characteristics and the theories related to service quality as the principles for the examination whether job characteristics have impacts on quality of the counter service or not by using the supervisor/head of the receiving department of  130 post offices in Bangkok, 130 samples in total, to represent their counter service staff to answer questions of ...
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    Implementation of the Corporate Social Responsibility Policy : A Case Study of Holistic Area Based Community Developmentof A FOOD Company 

    Watchara Saysaman; Somsak Samukkethum (NIDA, 10/11/19)

    This research aimed to study the implementation, problems, and obstacles of corporate social responsibility (CSR) policy of A FOOD Company in the holistic area-based community development projects. The qualitative methodology was used and data was collected by interviewing key informants and participant observation in the CSR policy implementing department. The results found that the CSR policy of A FOOD committed to the Triple Bottom Line (TBL) framework that focused on economic, social, and environment aspect. Also found that the board of ...
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    Jariya Sanamthong; Wisakha Phoochinda (NIDA, 10/13/19)

    This research aimed to investigate hotels type 1 in Bangkok to: (1) assess their water footprint,  (2) study their water management, and (3) propose a water management guideline. Questionnaire was employed to reveal water management of 54 hotels type1 and to assess water footprint of 19 hotels type 1 through the calculation based on Hotel Water Measurement Initiative (HWMI) Methodology. The informants were representatives of 54 hotels type 1 in Bangkok. The level of water consumption was also obtained from Metropolitan Waterworks Authority. ...
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    Farmers’ Perception and Adaptation to Climate Variability: A Study of Recurrent Drought Area in Tambon Nong Phra, Pichit 

    Jiratchaya Sirilakeanun; Witchuda Srang-iam (NIDA, 10/15/19)

    This study explores cognitive processes and conditions that determine perceived risk and perceived adaptive capacity, using the grounded theory methodology. The purpose of this study is a) to investigate farmers’ perception of risk and adaptive capacity to climate variability, b) to analyze patterns of farmers’ perceived risk and perceived adaptive capacity, and c) to explain farmers’ perceptive and adaptive patterns. The study obtains data from unstructured, in-depth interviews with 20 rice farmers in the non-irrigated area with recurrent drought ...
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    The Association between Confidence and Value Access to Justice Services of Thailand's Population. 

    Thanisorn Punkrus; Kasemsarn Chotchakornpant (NIDA, 10/15/19)

                  This study was The association between confidence and value access to justice services of Thailand's population. The objectives of the study were: 1) to determine the level of public confidence in getting services from justice services, 2) to determine the level of the value of Thailand’s population in getting services from the justice system, 3) to study the relationship between confidence and the value of Thailand’s population in receiving services from the justice system, and 4) to prepare suggestions and guidelines for improvement ...
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    Factors as Influence to People's Participation Related to Success of Community Based Tourism: A Case Study of Ban Bang Nam Pueng Community in Samutprakarn Province 

    Kittipat Thinothai; Nattha Vinijnaiyapak (NIDA, 10/15/19)

    The purposes of this study were 1) to explore participation of people in Ban Bang Nam Pueng affecting The success of CBT 2) to explore the factors affecting participation of people in Ban Bang Nam Pueng and 3) to analyze the influence of factors that affect participation of people contributting the success of CBT via the participation of people in Ban Bang Nam Pueng. The research used quantitative methods conducting on questionnaire from the sample population of 400 people living in Ban Bang Nam Phueng community. Statistics used to analyze data ...
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    Effects of El Nino-Southern Oscillation (ENSO) to Crop Yield in Northeastern of Thailand 

    Kamontat Moonsri; Pakpong Pochanart (NIDA, 10/4/19)

    The Northeastern region of Thailand has been the largest cultivation area and often experiences drought is causing damage to the amount of harvested produce. This study aims to demonstrate the relationships between ENSO and crops yield of the Northeast in order to identify the reason that ENSO effect on Northeast crops yield. Using 20-year ENSO phenomenon Index (Oceanic Nino Index), meteorology parameters information, and crops yield production such as rice, corn, cassava and sugarcane in the Northeast form 1996 – 2015 and analyze their relationship ...
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    Mohamed Zahir; Ponlapat Buracom (NIDA, 10/7/19)

    The Maldives is a nation in the Indian Ocean that includes approximately 1200 coral islands in 21 clusters known as atolls. For administrative purposes, these atolls are grouped into seven provinces located geographically in the Central, Northern, and Southern areas. These island communities operate as groups, which explains to some extent the unequal allocation of resources among the rural communities and Central city, as many studies have supported. Therefore, to understand the unequal distribution of wealth in rural communities, it is very ...
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    Xiaoyun Guang; Peerayuth Charoensukmongkol (NIDA, 10/7/19)

    Since a large number of multinational corporations have entered international markets to maintain competitive advantages, the effectiveness of expatriates who handle the overseas tasks has been one of the key factors that affect the international business of multinational corporations. As the largest developing country, China has entered the global market in a rapid pace in recent years. Along with the new strategy known as one belt one road, Thailand is among the key strategic countries in South-East Asian region that has been chosen by Chinese ...
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    Approaches to Developing Factors Affecting to Selecting Green Hotel 

    Sawarin Nilauthai; Sangkae Punyasiri (NIDA, 10/8/19)

    This study: Approaches to Developing Factors Affecting to Selecting Green Hotel is Mixed Method Research based on the Quantitative Research and Qualitative Research that has purposes to study the characteristics, behaviours affacting to selecting green hotel, the environmental factors affecting to the selecting decision of foreign tourists's viewpoints for green hotel and to study approaches to developing factors affecting to selecting green hotel. Quantitative Research collected data by a questionnaire from foreign tourists of green hotel in ...
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    Trust towards Various Institution in Thai Society 

    Ratchanis Thongdaeng; Arnond Sakworawich (NIDA, 10/8/19)

    Institutions in Thai society are divided into 6 groups, namely, legislature consisting of National Legislative Assembly; Sovereignty consisting of the Prime Minister General Prayut Chan-ocha and the government; judge group consisting of Court of Justice, Constitutional Court and Administrative Court; group of law enforcement consisting of police and prosecutor; group of non-governmental organizations consisting of Election Commission of Thailand (ECT), National Human Rights Commission of Thailand (NHRC), Ombudsman, National Anti-Corruption ...
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    Projection of Change in the Quantity of Carbondioxides of Thailand Following Changes in Economic Factors, Sources, and Population over the Period of 10 Years 

    Waratip Wattanawinitchai; Sompote Kunnoot (NIDA, 10/8/19)

    The release of CO2 of Thailand has increased 1.96 folds from 161,154 Kilo tons to 316,213 Kilo tons over 20 years between years 1995 to 2014. The sources of CO2 are manufacturing, electricity generation, transport, and others, which in 1995 accounts for 22.75 %, 37.79 %, 33.43 % and 6.02 % respectively, and in 2014 accounts for 20.89 %, 46.60 %, 24.27 % and 7.79 % respectively. The aim of this study was to project the volume of Thailand’s economy to be used for the projection of the quantity of CO2 for years 2015-2025, using trend equations ...
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    Guidelines for Amendments to the Law on Public Vehicle Safety 

    Pomrudee Kumpant; Varaporn Vanaphituk (NIDA, 2/22/19)

              This doctoral thesis, entitled “Guidelines for Amendments to the Law on Public Vehicle Safety”, aims to identify ways to improve public vehicle safety in Thailand. The researcher in this study focused on four important domains: driving licences and public driving licences; driving duration and driving record; component parts and equipment of public transport and concession; and duties and liabilities of public vehicle drivers and operators. By taking into account related concepts, the theories and legal regulations of Thailand ranging ...
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    Trading Strategies Using Candlestick Characteristics 

    Siriporn Thammakesorn; Ohm Sornil (NIDA, 2/25/19)

    Candlestick chart patterns are widely used in stock trading decisions. Patterns of candlestick series are found to provide hints for the price of the next one. This research proposes a technique to generate stock trading strategies employing features which are shown to effectively recognize patterns in candlestick charts. The features are combined into a tree-like trading strategy using the Chi-square Automatic Interaction Detector algorithm. The technique is evaluated using actual stocks from Stock Exchange of Thailand. The results show that the ...
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    Urbanization-Regionalism and Voting Behavior in Thailand: Spatial Regression Model 

    Sutthasinee Lampasri; Arnond Sakworawich (NIDA, 3/11/19)

    This study aims at exploring the relationship between urbanization and latest voting behavior (2011) in Thailand using spatial error regression analysis. Urbanization index has been constructed by principal component analysis, and two components are revealed, namely urban socioeconomic index (USEI) and urban density index (UDI). Vote share is gathered from Election Commission of Thailand and its variety is measured by normalized entropy derived from information theory. This study supports a tale of two democracy theory of Anek Laothamatas in ...