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    Actuarial Valuation of Thai Civil Servant Medical Benefit Scheme (CSMBS) in the Next 30 Years 

    Mantana Jadson; Arnond Sakworawich (NIDA, 6/21/19)

    Thai Civil Servant Medical Benefit Scheme (CSMBS) is welfare provided by the government to civil servants and civil servants’ family. In the past, the cost of the Civil Servant Medical Benefit Scheme is higher than other welfare systems, causing the severe government budget crisis. The objectives of this research are to analyze significant factors by using data from population projections of Thai Civil Servant Medical Benefit Scheme of fiscal year 2015 - 2045 as well as disbursement data of civil servant medical costs of 2013 - 2015, and estimating ...
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    Ruihui Pu; Pairote Pathranarakul (NIDA, 9/24/19)

    Promoting the sustainable consumption of urban mobility services is regarded as a strategic goal of social sustainable development. Originally, the sharing economy was initiated to facilitate sharing behaviour as a way of utilising idle resources through collaborative consumption by Felson and Joan back in the year 1978. Starting from 2010, scholars have begun conducting a variety of researches regarding the impacts of the sharing economy on specific industries such as the tourism, hotel, education and financing sectors. However, some research ...
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    Analysis on The Management of Copyright Collective Management Organizations 

    Napak Lousuebsakul; Wariya Lamlert (NIDA, 8/2/19)

    The purpose of this thesis is to study the of collective management system which is carried out by the Collective Management Organizations (CMOs). This was done by surveying background, concept of collective management, the various kinds of CMOs and their functions, including the applicable law that can be implemented to the royalty collection in order to analyze the appropriate guidelines for the collective management which is undertaken by the CMO and the law applicable to this issue for the purpose of establishing the CMO in Thailand as well ...
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    Anomaly pattern detection in CSMBS health benefits using Decision tree 

    Runya Phraewphiphat; Arnond Sakworawich (NIDA, 4/20/19)

    This research is aimed to studying the pattern of the reimbursement anomaly under civil servant medical benefit scheme by considering three factors i.e., behavior of drug use, disease, and level of hospital. In the first step, retrospective data is used to predict the frequency of visits by using negative binomial regression and to forecast each time's severity by using multiple regression. With this step, it is able to predict frequency and severity but unable to detect frequency and severity anomaly. The next step, research on abnormalities ...
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    Application of Livelihood Related Local Wisdom in Mobilizing Development Toward Strengthened Community: A Case Study of Kiriwong Community, Lansaka District, Nakorn Sri Thammarat Province. 

    Phrutpong Chaiphahol; Awae Masae (NIDA, 8/19/19)

    The study of rural livelihood should realize local contexts and socio-environmental dynamics at the community level. At the same time, it should focus on learning of community members pertaining to creative and beneficial resource utilization through local wisdom application appropriate for changing conditions. These research aims were: 1) to investigate the application of local wisdom related to livelihood in Kiriwong community, Lansaka district, Nakhon Sri Thammarat province; 2) to find out community development movement towards a strengthened ...
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    Varot Panitchavit Pinpat; Rugphong Vongsaroj (NIDA, 6/1/18)

    The aim of this study is to develop the model for promoting medical services to foreigner in Bangkok, with emphasis on the roles played by service providers, suppliers and supporting industry. In pursuit of this objective, the study explores 3 key constitutional components as, 1) the motivation, perception and decision making of foreign medical service customer for analyzing the customers’ need, segmentation, product attribute and destination image 2) resource competencies, strategic direction, competition and co-operation intensity of medical ...
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    Approaches to Developing Factors Affecting to Selecting Green Hotel 

    Sawarin Nilauthai; Sangkae Punyasiri (NIDA, 10/8/19)

    This study: Approaches to Developing Factors Affecting to Selecting Green Hotel is Mixed Method Research based on the Quantitative Research and Qualitative Research that has purposes to study the characteristics, behaviours affacting to selecting green hotel, the environmental factors affecting to the selecting decision of foreign tourists's viewpoints for green hotel and to study approaches to developing factors affecting to selecting green hotel. Quantitative Research collected data by a questionnaire from foreign tourists of green hotel in ...
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    The Appropriateness of Mediation in Resolving Administrative Disputes in the Administrative Court 

    Amonrat Ammartsena; Banjerd Singkaneti (NIDA, 10/22/19)

    This research focuses on principles and theories of mediation in resolving administrative disputes in the administrative court and the appropriateness of using mediation in administrative proceedinds. If the mediation is employed, what are scope, criteria and procedures that should be considered so that the mediation procedures are carried out correctly, appropriately and finally maintaining the principles of public law and will be beneficial to the justice system of adminitrative case and protecting the public interest of people. The study is ...
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    The Association between Confidence and Value Access to Justice Services of Thailand's Population. 

    Thanisorn Punkrus; Kasemsarn Chotchakornpant (NIDA, 10/15/19)

                  This study was The association between confidence and value access to justice services of Thailand's population. The objectives of the study were: 1) to determine the level of public confidence in getting services from justice services, 2) to determine the level of the value of Thailand’s population in getting services from the justice system, 3) to study the relationship between confidence and the value of Thailand’s population in receiving services from the justice system, and 4) to prepare suggestions and guidelines for improvement ...
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    Mohammad Rafiqul Islam Talukdar; Achakorn Wongpreedee (NIDA, 5/16/19)

    A 2001 study of Khan observes that one of the vital concerns in relation to decentralization in Bangladesh is greater autonomy of the local state. The principal premise of the thesis is that a greater autonomy of the local state helps improve the effectiveness of decentralization. The main research concern is the exploration of the nature, cause, and consequences of a specific deep-rooted problem concerning the dimensions of influences and magnitude of autonomy in budgeting decisions of local government Union Councils in Bangladesh.  These ...
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    Kumnoon Narakornpijit; Pariyada Sukcharoensin (NIDA, 8/9/19)

    Behavior plays an important role in people’s decision making, for example, different decision making can occur during happy and unhappy time. Behavioral factors also affect the decision making in the investment that cause unreasonable decision making in many investment situations. Many behavioral theories have been developed to explain human’s behavior, which some of them are also applied to the investment. This research focuses on studying the portfolio investment in Thailand by two of the well-known theories for portfolio selection, which are ...
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    Branding process and Online Marketing Communication for organic farming of Smart Farmer 

    Surachai Srinorachan; Bu-nga Chaisuwan (NIDA, 5/9/19)

    Media influencing informational distribution in the era of rapidly changing. Especially online media for distribution of agricultural products. This research is an alternative to encourage farmers turned to use more online media. Therefore, this research focuses on branding process, online communication channels of organic products, including consumer satisfaction in organic products. Three awardee farmers of “Farmers love homeland" in 3 provinces as follow: Chiang Rai, Nakhon Ratchasima, and Ratchaburi province were considered as the sample. ...
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    Carbon Footprint for Organization and Sustainability Reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions for Regional Environmental Office 

    Patcharee Srirod; Wisakha Phoochinda (NIDA, 9/28/19)

    The objectives of this research are to analyze and assess Carbon footprint of organization, to investigate factors affecting the Carbon footprint reduction and to suggest sustainability reduction of greenhouse gas emissions for Regional Environmental Office. Information from the Report of the emissions and absorption of greenhouse gases for Regional Environmental Office in fiscal year 2559 from October 2558 to September 2559 was analyzed. Questionnaire was used as a tool to collect data and assess Carbon Footprint of Organization for Regional ...
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    Wirut Nakkhasin; Sangkae Punyasiri (NIDA, 8/8/19)

    The research was done in Bangkok Thailand due to high competition and the presence of a majority of Thailand’s health establishments, which aims to 1) review market orientation, extended market orientation and strategic management affecting health establishment performance in Bangkok 2) to study the relationship between market orientation, extended market orientation and strategic management affecting health establishment performance in Bangkok 3) to investigate of concept for causal relation model of market orientation and extended market ...
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    Collaborative Networks in Water Management for Agricultural Purpose in Ubon Ratchathani Provincial Administrative Organization 

    Theerapol Pongbua; Achakorn Wongpreedee (NIDA, 5/15/19)

    The purposes of this research were to 1) study the processes that drive the collaborative networks in water management for agriculture in Ubon Ratchathani Provincial Administration Organization. 2) study the types of collaborative networks related to water management in Ubon Ratchathani Provincial Administration Organization. The researcher used a qualitative research approach and concentrated on the qualitative research methods of applying in-depth interviews and observations with those involved to answer the research objectives. The study was ...
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    Akkarong Punpong; Warat Karuchit (NIDA, 9/2/19)

    The research has the four objectives as follows: 1. To examine and develop a causal model of factors influencing of Demographic characteristics, Communication skills, Attitude toward Thai people, Interpersonal communication and Media usage behavior to be affected the foreign football players' adjustment in Thailand league football clubs. 2. The analysis of the direct effect, indirect effect and total effect, is focused on testing the Demographic characteristics, Communication skills, Attitude toward Thai people, Interpersonal communication and ...
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    Community Rights and Public Participation in the Protection of Natural Heritage Areas. 

    Worapan Chauesoonthonsopon; Chanit Suntapan (NIDA, 7/31/19)

    This research aims to study the concepts, the theories, and the history of community rights and the participation of people in the protection of Natural World Heritage. This includes the study of international and foreign laws such as Australia’s law and India’ law in order  to compare with Thailand’s legal context. It analyses legal issues related to community rights and the participation of people in the protection of Natural World Heritage. The dissertation also provides recommendations to improve legal to be more appropriate for community ...
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    Competemcy Development Guidelines of Tour Guides for Creative Tourism Service in Thailand 

    Pornpisut Phamornsiritrakul; Worarak Sucher (NIDA, 7/26/19)

    The mixed method research entitled “Guidelines for Desired Tour Guide Competency Development for Thailand’s Creative Tourism” aimed to: 1) study current factors of tour guide competency; 2) evaluate desired tour guide competency for Thailand’s creative tourism; and 3) propose guidelines for desired tour guide competency development for Thailand’s creative tourism. The data was compiled from interviewing with 10 cases of tour guide and thematic analysis was applied for data analysis. Subsequently, the qualitative results derived from the interview ...
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    Competency Development Process of Coordinator in Meeting and Convention Business: Case Study Professional Convention Organizer in Bangkok 

    Supakan Poungcho; Patthareeya Lakpetch (NIDA, 6/23/19)

    Competency Development Process of Coordinator in Meeting and Convention Business: Case Study Professional Convention Organizer in Bangkok was aimed to 1) study the context and situation of work and competence related to the coordination of the meeting coordinator; 2) study the components of individual, team, and organization level of competency development, and 3) to study the competency development process of the coordinator in Professional Convention Organizer (PCO) through the human resource development concepts and organizational behavior ...
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    Jakkrich Jearviriyaboonya; Yuthana Sethapramote (NIDA, 8/11/19)

    This paper attempts to assess the degree of competition in Thailand’s banking system, and examine the evolutionary effect of bank regulations. Furthermore, this paper investigates how a change in competition can affect the monetary policy on bank lending channel in Thailand. This study employs panel data from ten commercial banks over quarterly time periods from 2001–2015. The competition variable is measured using the Lerner index. Bank regulations can be divided into four groups: (i) restrictions on banking activities, (ii) limitations on foreign ...