Guidelines of a model for the development culturally-relevant Thai community products: case study of five provinces

dc.contributor.advisorAchakorn Wongpreedeeth
dc.contributor.authorKuntika Sanguanpanth
dc.descriptionThesis (D.P.A.)--National Institute of Development Administration, 2017
dc.description.abstractThis research had the objective to study the development of culturally-relevant community products, how they contribute to increasing community income, and how they add value to the overall economy of Thailand. The author attempted to identify factors behind the success in development of culturally-relevant community products as a basis for proposing guidelines for a model of developing culturally- relevant community products. This study focused on a number of community enterprises which produce quality products from local material resources. These enterprises’ products include ( 1) Silver antique jewelry in Sukothai Province; ( 2) Processed durian fruit products in Chanthaburi Province; ( 3) Ban Chiang ancient pottery in Udorn Thani Province; (4) Phaewa silk cloth products in Kalasin Province, and (5) ‘Kreuang Tome’ in Nakorn Si Tammarat Province. The study sites are locations which are well-known for their ability to produce these high- quality products, and the enterprises embody certain unique features which contribute to their
dc.description.abstractThis was a qualitative research study which collected day by in-depth interviews with 547 persons, including producers of the community products, distributors of the products, and consumers of the products. The interviews were conducted using a semistructured questionnaire. The researcher also conducted non-participatory observation of the community enterprises. Accuracy of the data was tested by verification of information and sources, and data triangulation. The data were processed using contentth
dc.description.abstractanalysis and comparison with prevailing concepts in the related literature. The key findings of the research are: 1) The factors behind the success of the community enterprises include the application of local wisdom in the management of production, marketing, information technology, cultural resources, and creative thinking. 2) Guidelines for a model of developing culturally- relevant community products include the need to apply local wisdom, creative thinking and appropriate technology. It is important for the enterprise to build upon the local cultural and resource base. Attention should be paid toward quality control, branding, packaging, and uniqueness of the product. 3) In order for a generic model of developing culturally- relevant community products to have a macro impact on the Thai economy, enterprises need to first assess the market environment and potential demand in order to formulate a product strategy. The researcher has developed guidelines for strategy formulation, which include building on indigenous strengths and advantages of a community, identifying weaknesses that need to be addressed, practicing risk management, and cutting losses when appropriate. Next, the guidelines provide advice on strategy implementation and strategy evaluation. The information from the evaluation needs to be fed back into the process of production as an input, and the strategy revised accordingly. , and 4) The researcher has developed a model image of what culturally-relevant Thai community products should look like. This is exemplified by the Durian of Thailand Model which has attributes of creativity and combining modern concepts with traditional valuesth
dc.description.abstractThe findings from this study are synthesized into a set of recommendations for technical directions, policy, implementation and future research. This information should be beneficial for related entities at the level of the country, community and individual who are interested in the development of culturally-relevant community products of
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dc.publisherNational Institute of Development Administrationth
dc.rightsThis work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International
dc.subjectCulturally relevant community productth
dc.titleGuidelines of a model for the development culturally-relevant Thai community products: case study of five provincesth
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mods.physicalLocationNational Institute of Development Administration. Library and Information Centerth School of Public Administrationth Institute of Development Administrationth of Public Administrationth
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