A study of the perceived organization supports, organizational identification on work outcomes of Chinese teachers in Thailand - organization-based self-esteem as the moderating effect

dc.contributor.advisorSid Suntrayuthth
dc.contributor.authorJIANMING CUIth
dc.description.abstractAs the relationship between China and Thailand grows more and more closely with each passing day, especially after the "One Belt, One Road" initiative, China and Thailand have increased their exchanges in terms of politics, economy, culture, education and so on. Recently, Chinese language teaching and promotion in Thailand have made great progress, and achieved remarkable results. Its achievements have also become the representative of promoting Chinese language education in the world, among which Chinese teachers play an important role. However, when Chinese teachers first arrive in foreign countries, they will face various difficulties in life and culture. The first is the satisfaction and performance. The satisfaction of Chinese instructors for the job is one of the important reasons that affect overseas teaching and work efficiency. Due to the lack of enough support from schools, leaders and colleagues, Chinese teachers have many problems, such as high turnover rate, low teaching quality and low work performance. Taking Chinese teachers working in Thailand as the research sample, this paper explored how Chinese teachers worked in Thai schools using questionnaire, and investigates Chinese teachers' contemporary circumstances and issues in Thailand using a literature research technique. In view of the situations we have observed, this study analyzes and discusses the factors influencing the overseas work achievements of Chinese teachers from the perspective of social exchange theory and self-regulation theory. This thesis consists of five sections which are respectively the introduction briefly states the research background as well as the current development of Chinese teacher in Thailand, the research problems and purposes as well as the value and significance of the research. The second part, with the help of existing literature, this thesis summarizes the current situation and characteristics of Chinese teacher. As well, the main factors that affect the satisfaction of overseas teaching include organizational support, supervisor support, colleague support and organizational-based esteem. Third, the results and data analysis part. Using SPSS and Amos software, it analyzed and summarized the data and information, tested the questionnaire’s truthfulness, and verified the hypothesis through correlation analysis, regression analysis and other statistical methods. The findings demonstrate that perceived organizational support has no significant impact on job happiness but has a considerable beneficial impact on work outcomes and job performance. On the effectiveness of work efforts, perceived supervisor support also has a big impact. It has a very good effect on both the job happiness and performance of Chinese teachers. The impact of perceived organization support on work results is moderated by organizational-based self-esteem. However, it did not play a moderating role in the impact of perceived colleague support on job satisfaction. We also examine the role that organizational self-esteem plays in reducing the impact of independent variables on dependent variables. Finally, according to the conclusion of the study, it provides the academic and practical implication for the next-step research.th
dc.publisherNational Institute of Development Administrationth
dc.rightsThis work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.th
dc.subjectperceived organization supporten
dc.subjectperceived supervisor supporten
dc.subjectperceived coworker supporten
dc.subjectorganization identificationen
dc.subjectjob outcomesen
dc.subjectorganization-based self-esteemen
dc.titleA study of the perceived organization supports, organizational identification on work outcomes of Chinese teachers in Thailand - organization-based self-esteem as the moderating effectth
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