Community based disaster management: the case study of flood and drought disaster

dc.contributor.advisorAnchana NaRanongth
dc.contributor.authorPissamai Srinateth
dc.descriptionThesis (D.P.A.)--National Institute of Development Administration, 2017th
dc.description.abstractThere are three objectives of this research “ Community Based disaster management: The Case study of flood and drought disaster.” These objectives are 1) to investigate the disaster management of the community encountering flood and drought disasters before, during, and after the disaster, 2) to study and identify the community capitals being related to the disaster management capability of the community, 3) to study the necessary conditions determining the capacity of the disaster management of the
dc.description.abstractQualitative research is employed aiming to study flood and drought disaster management and to identify community capitals related to community capacities to deal with the disasters. This research is conducted in four communities. The first two communities for flood disaster management are 1) the community of Bang Ta Phaen, Klongwau sub- district, Mueang Angthong district, Angthong Province, and 2) the community of Tha Bong Mung, Warinchamrap Municipality, Ubonratchathani Province. Others two communities for drought disaster management are 1) Limthong community, Nongbote subdistrict, Nangrong district, Buriram province, and 2) Nonyang community, E- lum sub- district, and Uthompornpisai district, Sisaket province. Regarding the criteria used to select the case study, the researcher considered community experienced disasters and located in risk areas for flood and drought. Data are collected from documented sources, in- depth interviews, focus group, and nonparticipation
dc.description.abstractResearch findings showed that the two communities of flood disaster management have similar disaster management. However, Bang Ta Phaen can manage flood disaster by self- management. After the flood, the community evaluated and reviewed to find new solutions to prevent and mitigate future flood. On the contrary, Tha Bong Mung collaborated with Warinchamrap municipality to cope with disasters. The result indicated that Ban Bang Ta Phean has more ability to acquire and utilize community capitals, including social capital, human capital, political capital, financial capital. These capitals enhanced community capacities to encounter flood
dc.description.abstractIn a case of drought management, the study showed that the communities, Ban Nonyang and Ban Limthong differ in how they handle droughts. Government agencies at local and province level play a major role in the disaster management of the Nonyang community. Limthong community has successfully managed its water resources. Community capitals promoting the communities capacity to manage drought problems are human capital, social capital, political capital, financial capital, and physical capital. Additionally, the study indicates that the necessary factors in determining the community’s capacity to cope with disasters are community self-management, active and leadership, collaborative action and teamwork, learning and experiences, community participation, monitoring and evaluation, internal and external
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dc.publisherNational Institute of Development Administrationth
dc.rightsThis work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International
dc.subjectFlood and drought disasterth
dc.subject.otherDisaster managementth
dc.titleCommunity based disaster management: the case study of flood and drought disasterth
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