The impact of career management on work attitude in public sector employees: the mediating effect of career growth

dc.contributor.advisorChen, Chih Hungth
dc.contributor.authorLu, Danth
dc.descriptionThesis (Ph.D. (Management))--National Institute of Development Administration, 2022th
dc.description.abstractThe development of a service-oriented government is one of the main objectives of the Chinese government’s reform. The public sector employees’ efforts in the course of pursuing organizational goals, which are considerably affected by the employees’ work attitudes, are the keys for the development of the service-oriented government. The public sector employees’ work attitudes, one of classic concept of public organization behaviors, is the civil servants’ attitudes towards the work and their evaluation of work and their working environment (either positive or negative). The legislation and implementation of a series of polices have somewhat resulted in changes on the social status and welfare of civil servants, as well as the work attitudes of young civil servants in the grassroots level. The changes require the civil servants to have increasingly high level of personal ability, professionalization and other capacities, and the civil servants concern more about their career management and career growth along with the emergence of protean careers and boundaryless career. Thus, in this circumstance, studying the role of career management in the civil servants’ career growth and work attitudes is of both theoretical and practical significances. The main objectives of this empirical study are to understand the impact of career management on employee career growth and work attitude, the effects of career management on employee career growth and work attitudes, the intermediary role of career growth in the relationship between career management and work attitudes, as well as the mechanism of the impact of career management on work attitudes. Taking career management, career growth, and work attitudes as the independent variable, mediating variable, and dependent variable, respectively, this study develops a theoretical model to test a series of hypotheses. With 571 civil servants from Yunnan Provinces as the subjects, this study employs the structural equation model to verify the proposed hypotheses, and draws the research conclusions as follows: Firstly, for employees in the public sector, career growth plays a mediating role between the relationship between career management and work attitudes. The finding bridges the relevant research gap in the area of HR management, and suggests that organizations in the public sector could conduct career management to prompt the workers’ career growth Secondly, in the public sector, career growth significantly and positively affects the two dimension of work attitudes (job satisfaction and organizational commitment). The result implies that the public sector’s supports on its workers’ career growth would further enhance the workers’ job satisfaction and organizational commitment, and consequently benefit the organizational development. Thirdly, for employees in the public sector, there is a moderate and positive correlation between the two dimensions of career management (individual career management and organizational career management). This further attests the applicability of career management as well as the necessity of carrying our career management in the public sectors. Lastly, career management imposes significant and positive impacts on both career growth and work attitudes. The result adds more empirical evidence to the current related theories. It also indicates that individual career management could prompt workers to improve self-awareness and understanding, explore the organizational environment, and further learn the differences between themselves and others outside of their organization.en
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dc.publisherNational Institute of Development Administration
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dc.titleThe impact of career management on work attitude in public sector employees: the mediating effect of career growthen
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