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    A filter-based feature selection using two criterion functions and evolutionary fuzzification 

    Jitwadee Chaiyakarn; Ohm Sornil (National Institute of Development Administration, 2013)

    In information age, data has become increasingly large, in both dimension (the number of features) and volume. Data mining processes, such as data classification and data clustering, performed on high dimensional data can be time-consuming and can produce poor results due to the problem so called curse of dimensionality. Feature selection is one of the fundamental techniques that selects only the most significant features and eliminates irrelevant and redundant features from the entire set of features. Filter-based feature selection is the ...
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    Abstractive Thai opinion summarization 

    Orawan Chaowalit; Ohm Sornil (National Institute of Development Administration, 2013)

    With the advancement of the Internet technology, customers can easily share opinions about services and products in forms of reviews. There can be large amount of reviews for popular products. Manually summarizing those reviews for important issues is a daunting task. Automatic opinion summarization is a solution to the problem. The task is more complicated for reviews written in Thai. Thai words are written continuously without space, and there is no symbol to identify the end of a sentence. Many reviews are written informally, thus accurate ...
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    Thai soundex using Thai phonetic distance algorithm 

    Chonlasith Jucksriporn; Ohm Sornil (National Institute of Development Administration, 2014)

    Homophones are words with similar sound. Searching for homophones is not only looking for the words with similar spelling, but it should also be looking for the words with similar pronunciation. Specifically in Thai, some consonant clusters can be pronounced in different ways, such as // can be pronounced as // or // depending on cach particular word. This makes Thoi word pronunciation and dictation more dilliculi Thai sounder could not handle these consonant clusters properly: for example, many Thai soundex methods showed cncoded results of a ...
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    Trading Strategies Using Candlestick Characteristics 

    Siriporn Thammakesorn; Ohm Sornil (NIDA, 2/25/19)

    Candlestick chart patterns are widely used in stock trading decisions. Patterns of candlestick series are found to provide hints for the price of the next one. This research proposes a technique to generate stock trading strategies employing features which are shown to effectively recognize patterns in candlestick charts. The features are combined into a tree-like trading strategy using the Chi-square Automatic Interaction Detector algorithm. The technique is evaluated using actual stocks from Stock Exchange of Thailand. The results show that the ...