Terms of Use


Measures and Guidelines

NIDA Wisdom Repository grants no permission for users to use the Wisdom Repository’s existing information resources for commercials, reduplication, copies, or dissemination without officially written permission. Any subsequent use shall require the source to be cited. However, in case the Wisdom Repository detects or is notified that the use of Wisdom Repository’s existing works violates the terms, the following actions will be taken.

  1. A notice is made to notify a person who violates the terms in order to stop the action that violates the terms and to notify him/her of the suspension of the dissemination of work arising from the action that violates the terms (if such work has already been disseminated).
  2. If the work that violates the terms has already been disseminated by other agencies or organizations, the Wisdom Repository will send a letter of notification to those agencies and organizations to notify the violation and make a request for their cooperation to suspend the publication of such work.
  3. If a person who violates the terms and conditions neglects to cooperate, the Wisdom Repository will report such information to Discipline and Laws Section and Administration Section, National Institute of Development Administration, to proceed to take a legal action.