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    Teachers' understanding of english as an international language 

    Anyarat Nattheeraphong; Saksit Saengboon, chairperson (National Institute of Development Administration, 2004)
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    Technological investment of Thai industries and government support 

    Vasu Suvanvihok; Direk Patmasiriwat (สถาบันบัณฑิตพัฒนบริหารศาสตร์, 2013)

    This study investigates the behavior of Thai industries’ R&D and innovation activities using the institutional framework in analyses. The theoretical models based on microeconomic foundations, with incorporated institutional attributes, are developed for the analyses of firms’ strategic decisions on technological investment. The empirical study, using firm-level data from Thailand R&D and Innovation activities surveyed the industrial sector of 2009, examines four main hypotheses according to theoretical models; including the variables of ...
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    Television industry and its role in the new media landscape under the system of digital economy 

    Natthakan Kaewkhum; Yubol Benjarongkij (National Institute of Development Administration, 2020)

    This research is aimed to study changes in the television industry in Thailand under the digital economy system, to explore the adaptation of the television industry in Thailand in the new media landscape, to examine the roles of television in the new media landscape, and to investigate viewers’ perspectives on the roles and adaptation of television in the new media landscape. The research is a mixed-methods study, composing of both qualitative and quantitative research. For the qualitative research, documentary research, and content analysis on ...
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    Testing means of several Pareto distributions 

    Lakhana Watthanacheewakul; Prachoom Suwattee, advisor (National Institute of Development Administration, 2007)
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    Tests for covariance matrices with high-dimensional data 

    Saowapha Chaipitak; Samruam Chongcharoen, advisor (National Institute of Development Administration, 2012)

    In multivariate statistical analysis, it is a necessity to know the facts regarding the covariance matrix of the data in hand before applying any further analysis. This study focuses on testing hypotheses concerning the covariance matrices of multivariate normal data having the number of variables larger than or equal to the sample size, called high-dimensional data. The two objectives of this study were: first, for one sample data, to develop a test statistic for testing the hypothesis for whether the covariance matrix equals a specified known ...
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    Tests for gamma distribution based on its independence property 

    Bandhita Plubin; Pachitjanut Siripanich (National Institute of Development Administration, 2015)

    There are two test statistics proposed in this study in order to test whether data come from a gamma distribution. Both of the proposed test statistics are developed from a modified Kendall coefficient based on the independence property of a gamma distribution. The first one is asymptotically distributed as standard normal and the limit distribution function of the second one was improved using an Edgeworth expansion and the Jackknife method. They are invariant to scale parameters and perform substantially better than existing tests in terms of ...
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    Tests for mean vectors in high-dimensional data 

    Knavoot Jiamwattanapong; Samruam Chongcharoen (National Institute of Development Administration, 2015)

    High-dimensional data are ubiquitous and bring new challenges, not only to statisticians, but also to researchers in many scientific fields. They arise in situations where the dimension ( p) , the number of variables in a unit, is larger than the sample size (n), the number of units; data analysis using classical multivariate methods can no longer be applied.
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    Texture classification using an invariant texture representation and a tree matching kernel 

    Somkid Soottitantawat; Surapong Auwatanamongkol, advisor (National Institute of Development Administration, 2010)

    The real world is rich in many textures, which can be regarded as the visual appearance of surfaces. They may be perceived as being smooth or rough, coarse or fine, homogeneous or non-homogeneous, etc. Moreover, textures within real images vary in scale, rotation and illumination. Several researchers have proposed texture analysis methods to describe textures in many applications, such as computer vision, pattern recognition, image retrieval, scene image analysis, and so on. Although the analysis of texture properties has attracted the ...
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    Thai durian supply chain characteristics, performance indicators, and analytic hierarchy process 

    Asdawut Siriprasertchok; Aweewan Panyagometh (National Institute of Development Administration, 2020)

    In managing agri-food supply chains, performance measurement is one of the strategic issues of a firm to achieve business success since it helps in determining courses of action through evaluation of earlier practices and benchmarking, addressing performance gaps, as well as redesigning a firm strategy and management system. In spite of its business vitality, little attention has been paid to this area of study. As Thailand is the top durian exporter in the global market, this paper aims to explore the characteristics of the Thai durian supply ...
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    Thai EFL teachers' beliefs and practices in CLT in a Thai university context: a study of Rajabhat universities in lower Northeastern area 

    Chayanant Pitikornpuangpetch; Kasma Suwanarak (National Institute of Development Administration, 2020)

    This study investigates Thai EFL teachers’ beliefs regarding the Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) approach and the use of the CLT approach in a Thai university context. It aims to identify difficulties that Thai EFL teachers encounter when applying the CLT approach, and to explore Thai EFL teachers’ beliefs about CLT in relation to their teaching practices in the development of students’ communicative skills. The research tools consisted of survey questionnaires, semi-structured interviews, classroom observations, and fieldnotes.  The ...
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    Thai elf learners' and teachers' perceptions toward intercultural communicative competence: its roles and possibilities for integration into Thai elf classrooms 

    Kanchana Cheewasukthaworn; Kasma Suwanarak (National Institute of Development Administration, 2017)

    In light of the growing volume of communication between people from different cultural backgrounds around the globe at present, this mixed methods study aims to investigate how Thai learners and teachers of English understand and perceive the role of intercultural communicative competence (ICC) in their English language learning and teaching, respectively.
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    Thai multinational companies and their corporate branding in the Asean region 

    Aditap Ketchart; Yubol Benjarongkij (National Institute of Development Administration, 2018)

    The objectives of the study, Thai multinational companies and their corporate branding in the ASEAN region, are to study the process of corporate branding of multinational companies in Thailand, to study the process of corporate branding of multinational companies in the ASEAN study the factors based on the branding process of domestic organizations and expansion to ASEAN and to summarize data based on the corporate branding model for Thai multinational companies to expand to the ASEAN region. The study used qualitative research through ...
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    Thai non-governmental organizations (NGOS) in the changes of the 21st century : an analytical study of the change process following the Tsunami disaster 

    Bundit Shovityakool; Juree Vichit-Vadakan, advisor (National Institute of Development Administration, 2008)
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    Thai prime minister's weekly televised addresses in ideological and pentadic criticism 

    Neeranuit Traijakvanich; Rujira Rojjanaprapayon (National Institute of Development Administration, 2018)

    The purpose of this study was to examine how General Prayut Chan-O-cha, Prime Minister of Thailand, employed rhetoric in weekly televised address broadcasted from May 30, 2014 to December 16, 2016. This study adopted two concepts, which are pentadic criticism and ideological criticism, to examine 41 pieces of Thai Prime Minister’s weekly televised addresses. The findings revealed that General Prayut Chan-O-cha paid most of his attention on Thailand’s political and economic dreadlocks and saw himself as the country’s savior amid the turmoil, ...
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    Thai rhetorical structure analysis 

    Somnuk Sinthupoun; Ohm Sornil, advisor (National Institute of Development Administration, 2009)

    Rhetorical Structure Analysis (RSA) explores Discourse Relations (DRs) among related Elementary Discourse Units (EDUs) in a Rhetorical Structure Tree (RS tree) to describe meaning in a text. It is very useful in many text processing tasks employing relationships among EDUs to use an input such as text understanding, summarization, discourse parsing, machine translation and question answering. The Thai language, with its distinctive linguistic characteristics, requires a unique technique. Thai linguistic characteristics have no explicit EDU ...
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    Thai SMES' response in the digital economy age : a case study of the service sector of community-based tourism in the upper Northern provinces group 2 

    Wannapa Tongdaeng; Chandra-nuj Mahakanjana (National Institute of Development Administration, 2021)

    The purposes of the study were to identify the factors affecting SMEs’ response in the digital economy age, to examine the context of policy implementation and the role of stakeholders in the promotion and development of SMEs in the service sector of community-based tourism (CBT), to analyze the competitiveness of CBT, and to reveal the gap of service quality of SMEs at the CBT attractions. The research design consisted of both the qualitative and quantitative methods in order to fulfill four objectives of the study. The findings of this study ...
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    Thai soundex using Thai phonetic distance algorithm 

    Chonlasith Jucksriporn; Ohm Sornil (National Institute of Development Administration, 2014)

    Homophones are words with similar sound. Searching for homophones is not only looking for the words with similar spelling, but it should also be looking for the words with similar pronunciation. Specifically in Thai, some consonant clusters can be pronounced in different ways, such as // can be pronounced as // or // depending on cach particular word. This makes Thoi word pronunciation and dictation more dilliculi Thai sounder could not handle these consonant clusters properly: for example, many Thai soundex methods showed cncoded results of a ...
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    Thai students and teachers' perceptions of learning and teaching english through the communicative language teaching approach 

    Natthawut Promtara; Kasma Suwanarak (National Institute of Development Administration, 2016)

    This study is designed in attempt to explore Thai students and teachers’ perceptions of English learning and teaching through the communicative language teaching approach (CLT) in Loei Primary Educational Service Area Office 2, and to compare students and teachers’ perceptions of English learning and teaching through the communicative language teaching approach. Both quantitative and qualitative methods were used in the study. The researcher used a quantitative questionnaire survey to explore 295 students and 20 teachers’ perceptions of ...
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    Thailand airport operation model for the low-cost carriers 

    Sukhuman Klamsaengsai; Therdchai Choibamroong (National Institute of Development Administration, 2014)

    An expansion of low-cost carriers (LCC) has increased the number of air passengers and visitors within a tourism system. This growth has also challenged airports by shaping their operations. This study came forth because of the deficiency of research on the links between Thailand airport operations and low-cost carriers, and the airport operational pattern for such carriers. Thus, the purposes of the study were to 1) study the operational efficiency of Thailand airports from low-cost carriers’ perspectives, 2) investigate levels of importance ...
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    Thailand fertility related policies and social institution factors influencing middle-income earning generation y's fertility intentions 

    Satayu Pattarakijkusol; Anchana NaRanong (National Institute of Development Administration, 2019)

    The ageing population phenomenon, also known as a greying population, is becoming a global problem. Many developed countries have been facing this demographic challenge for almost a decade. The ageing population is challenging because of an imbalance in a nation’s population structure. The problem occurs when a nation’s fertility and mortality rates decline. In other words, people live longer, and there are fewer newborn babies. Thailand’s fertility rate has been dramatically declining from 5.595 children per women in 1970 to 1.671 children ...