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    Relationship between Health Behavior and Metabolic Syndrome Progression: A parallel latent growth curve modeling approach 

    Somkiat Tonphu; สมเกียรติ ตนภู; Arnond Sakworawich; อานนท์ ศักดิ์วรวิชญ์; National Institute of Development Administration. School of Applied Statistics; Arnond Sakworawich; อานนท์ ศักดิ์วรวิชญ์ (National Institute of Development Administration, 3/6/2022)

    OBJECTIVES: To develop a measurement model to assess the relationship between metabolic syndrome (MetS) progression and health behavior changes. METHODS: Medical records of checkup patients of a private hospital from 2006-2017. Data on exercise (EXE), smoking (SMK), and failure to control weight (FCW) were included as health behaviors. FCW was derived from waist circumference (WC) and body mass index (BMI).  Blood pressure, high and low density lipoproteins (HDL, LDL), triglycerides (TG), and fasting blood sugar (FBS) were used for MetS diagnosis ...