A research on influencing factors of college students' satisfaction under the flipped classroom--based on the mediating role of knowledge sharing and the moderating role of self-efficacy

dc.contributor.advisorLi, Zhongwuth
dc.contributor.authorTong, Xith
dc.descriptionThesis (Ph.D. (Management))--National Institute of Development Administration, 2022th
dc.description.abstractPromoting the deep integration of information technology and education is the general direction problem to solve in the current education and teaching. Therefore, under the background of profound changes in the new form of education, a better mixed teaching organically combining online learning and offline face-to-face teaching has become a practical problem facing higher education in China today. As a model of the deep integration of information technology and learning theory, flipped classroom has become a hot spot in higher education reform in recent years. However, in practice, although flipped classroom has many potential advantages, the existing research conclusions also praise the teaching evaluation of this model, faced with practical problems such as low student participation, may become inactive in class, and student satisfaction does not reach the ideal expectation. Therefore, it is an urgent problem to be solved in the current reform of higher education to deeply explore the factors affecting the satisfaction of flipped classroom, study the strategies and methods to promote the sustainable development of this teaching mode. This paper constructs a theoretical model of flipped classroom student satisfaction based on the American Customer Satisfaction Model (ACSI). Based on previous research, the role of online system functionality, content features, interactive learning and teacher support on flipped classroom student satisfaction is verified. Based on social cognitive theory and knowledge management theory, the study takes student traits as the starting point, knowledge sharing as the mediating variable and self-efficacy as the moderating variable. Through the analytical framework and model construction, mathematical and statistical analyses are conducted in conjunction with the practice of flipped classroom in seven specific Chinese universities, to discover the intrinsic influence mechanisms among the variables and empirically prove the effects of perceived quality, perceived value and knowledge sharing on student satisfaction; and verified that self-efficacy moderates the relationship between perceived quality, perceived value, knowledge sharing and student satisfaction, and this finding helps to expand the research on factors affecting flipped classroom student satisfaction. Finally, this paper proposes suggestions on the quality of the online learning platform, the creation of an interactive atmosphere, the improvement of teachers' teaching strategies, and the enhancement of students' self-efficacy in order to promote student satisfaction in flipped classrooms and to provide a useful role for the positive and sustainable development of flipped classrooms in Chinese universities.th
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dc.publisherNational Institute of Development Administrationth
dc.rightsThis work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.th
dc.subjectFlipped classroom--basedth
dc.subjectKnowledge sharingth
dc.subject.otherResearch -- Study and teaching (Higher)th
dc.subject.otherCollege studentsth
dc.subject.otherClassrooms -- Researchth
dc.titleA research on influencing factors of college students' satisfaction under the flipped classroom--based on the mediating role of knowledge sharing and the moderating role of self-efficacyen
dc.typetext--thesis--doctoral thesisth
mods.physicalLocationNational Institute of Development Administration. Library and Information Centerth
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thesis.degree.grantorNational Institute of Development Administrationth
thesis.degree.nameDoctor of Philosophyth
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