The impact of macroeconomic factors on non-life insurance consumption in Thailand

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dc.description.abstractNon-life insurance consumption in Thailand has increased significantly in the past decade. Many factors have contributed to the development of non-life insurance industry including macroeconomic factors. This research, therefore, aimed to study the impact of macroeconomic factors on the increasing non-life insurance consumption in Thailand. Twenty independent variables were gathered from eight macroeconomic indices, which were published by the Bureau of Trade and Economic Indices, i.e.: Consumer Price Index, Business Cycle Index, Inflation Cycle Index, Export Business Situation Index, Consumer Confidence Index, Producer Price Index, Construction Material Price Index, and Export and Import Price Index. They were selected to be statistically examined for their potential impacts on non-life insurance consumption, which was represented by the amount of all directly earned premium of total non-life insurance consumption by all insurance companies in Thailand, published on the website of the Office of Insurance Commission (OIC). The research data was collected on a monthly basis for a 10 year period from 2002 to 2011. Multiple Regression analysis was used as the research methodology. The result suggested that four macroeconomic indices, i.e.: Coincident Index (from Business Cycle Index), Employment Rate (from Export Business Situation Index), Consumer Confidence Index,and Export Price Index, were found to have animpact on total nonlife insurance consumption in Thailand of around 84%. From this analysis, it can be concluded that some macroeconomic factors have an impact on non-life insurance consumption in
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dc.titleThe impact of macroeconomic factors on non-life insurance consumption in Thailandth
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