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    A management perspective on professional Chinese training in the mining industry of Thailand 

    Zhang, Yingxue; Lee, Yu-Hsiu (National Institute of Development Administration, 2017)

    There is a lack of previous studies on professional Chinese training, particularly in the Kingdom of Thailand. Drawing from the perspective of management, the present thesis aims to explore the field of professional Chinese (content-based Chinese language teaching and learning for career purposes) in the mining industry of Thailand. Data are gathered from an ethnography of a mining company in the Southern Thailand. Results reveal that 1) organization, 2) control, 3) planning, 4) leadership and 5) training (language training is the point of focu...
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    The perception of Myanmar development on its return migrants: implications for burmese migrants in Thailand 

    Thet, Mya Mya; Piriya Pholphirul (National Institute of Development Administration, 2015)

    Recent development in Myanmar has created stronger pull factors on emigrant Burmese workers to return to their motherland. Using a survey of 433 Burmese migrants in Thailand as a case study, this paper examines the impact of Myanmar’s development on the probability of the return of Burmese migrants to Myanmar from Thailand. Development factors such as more foreign direct investment, deregulation, and improvement of public services will encourage Burmese migrant workers to return home. Additionally, in terms of economic development, better job o...
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    Customer purchase intention toward new energy passenger vehicles: a case of China 

    Yuan, Aoxue; Aweewan Panyagometh (National Institute of Development Administration, 2017)

    From 2009 to 2015, the sales of new energy passenger vehicles in China rapidly surged from 319 to 206,793 units, which recorded an increasing popularity of new energy vehicles. This study aims to investigate the effects of customer perceived value (price value, quality value, emotional value and social value), government policy and environmental consciousness on customer purchase intention toward new energy passenger vehicles in China. This study also intends to give suggestions to promote the new energy vehicle market as well as to increase th...
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    Research on the influence of service employee emotional intelligence on customer loyalty in the context of service recovery 

    Lin, Yapeng; Li, Zhongwu (National Institute of Development Administration, 2021)

    Developing the service industry remains the focus of China's economic work for a long time to come. At present, the nation is also taking a series of measures to vigorously promote the reform and development of the service industry. At the micro level, although the service enterprise regards "customer is God" for the purpose of the enterprise, the service failure is inevitable in the actual service operation. After the service failure, effective service remedy is the inevitable way for the enterprise to win back customers, and then recover and ...
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    Influencing factors of tacit knowledge sharing behavior of teachers in colleges and universities based on the theory of planned behavior and knowledge transfer 

    Xu, Ling; Li, Zhongwu (National Institute of Development Administration, 2021)

    Nowadays, China has entered the era of knowledge economy. As the most important resource element for the survival and development of organizations, knowledge is the key source for individuals and organizations to acquire their core competitiveness. As the gathering place of a large number of advanced knowledge and knowledge-based talents, as well as the cradle of knowledge creation and innovation, colleges and universities are the bases of knowledge exchange, knowledge dissemination, knowledge sharing, knowledge application and personnel traini...
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    The effects of workplace spirituality and spiritual intelligence on person-organization fit, person-job fit and the subsequent effects on real estate agents' work behaviors and performance 

    Peetikarn Pattanawit; Peerayuth Charoensukmongkol (National Institute of Development Administration, 2021)

    The real estate brokerage industry plays a major role in the real estate sector and economy of Thailand. There are about 5,000 registered brokerage firms that conducted business with real estate agents and brokers in Thailand, with an overall market value of approximately 16 billion Baht in 2019. Even though real estate agents are the key labor force of this business, they have been characterized as employees who have a very high turnover rate. They are paid under a commission-based compensation plan with a small basic salary; therefore, broker...
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    Mechanism of cross-national communication barriers between Chinese and Thai employees, a study of companies at the Eastern economic corridor of Thailand 

    Wang, Gao; Li, Zhongwu (National Institute of Development Administration, 2021)

    Scholars give different and inconsistent definitions of cross-national communication barriers. It is not beneficial for the research of cross-national communication barriers. To confirm the affecting factors of cross-national communication barriers, this research reviewed and summarized the potential factors through reviewing the articles. There are some factors are explored, for instance, personal emotion, communication attitude, communication atmosphere, culture traits, and individual traits. It is essential and valuable to research the commu...
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    Cultural interaction and tourist destination loyalty : a case study of Phuket, Thailand 

    Sirachet Chopdee; Sid Suntrayuth (National Institute of Development Administration, 2021)

    The interaction between cultural factors and tourists’ destination loyalty has not yet been widely observed among research scholars. However, the knowledge of the interaction is necessary for understanding how culture is becoming a central factor of attraction in tourism. The objective of this study was therefore to find the possible linkages between cultural interaction factors and the destination loyalty of tourists by using Phuket, Thailand, as a case study. The study employed the satisfaction-loyalty theory in the examination of the role of...
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    Effects of traditional Chinese culture on green behavior of salespersons through their perceived value, guanxi, psychological contract, and job crafting : an empirical study based on the theory of planned behavior and self-determination theory 

    Zhang, Chunyu; Fang, Chih Cheng (National Institute of Development Administration, 2019)

    Employee green behavior protects the environment and saves resources, which is an important factor in the sustainable development of an organization. This research is based on the theory of planned behavior and self-determination and seeks to explore the effects of traditional Chinese culture on employee green behavior through perceived value, Guanxi, psychological contracts, and job crafting. Cross-sectional data from 849 valid questionnaires from Chinese salespeople obtained by convenience sampling were empirically analyzed, and the normal di...
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    The analysis of the community O2O (online to offline) operation model in Nanjing 

    Jing, Wei.; Li, Renliang (National Institute of Development Administration, 2017)

    With the popularity of Mobile Internet and E-commerce, the so-called O2O means the “last kilogram” the last kilometers delivery of products or services by integrating online and offline resources. Its core is to build a platform linking consumers and merchants or door-to-door services with community living scenes as its focus. It’s true that O2O has developed into a phase in-depth, which has greatly met the increasing demands of consumers’ “laziness” and stimulated the growth of consumption. As a result, it has been a hotspot to have an i...
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    The roles of corporate social responsibility perception on organizational identification, employee commitment and job satisfaction: a comparative analysis between Thai and Nepalese bank employees 

    Koirala, Manuja; Peerayuth Charoensukmongkol (National Institute of Development Administration, 2016)

    Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is one of the major topics of interest gaining attention of many researchers because an organization has to be responsible towards its act for the society and to fulfill its social obligations. Previous studies have mainly analyzed the impact of CSR from the perspective of external stakeholder, and lack studies conducted with the focus on employees, more specifically with regards to their perception towards CSR. The objectives of this research were to investigate the relationships between employee CSR...
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    The effect of business ethics towards firm performance: publicly listed firms on the stock exchange of Thailand 

    Areerat Leelhaphunt; Sid Suntrayuth (National Institute of Development Administration, 2017)

    Recently, there have been many embezzlement scandals relating to some publicly listed firms, especially in that they were caused by the authority in the organization. As a consequence, huge damage has been caused to people, and the country. Moreover, ethical failure in leadership at the managerial level is still active in order to seek short-term gains, even if it leads to a loss of future business opportunities. In terms of supervising and leading any ethical corporate business practice, it requires the combined factors of ethical ...
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    Contribution of cultural intelligence to intercultural communication competency, service attentiveness, and anxiety of Thai cabin crews 

    Pornprom Suthatorn; Peerayuth Charoensukmongkol (National Institute of Development Administration, 2016)

    The concept of cultural intelligence (CQ) has been proposed as a set of skills that allows individuals to deal effectively with culturally diverse situations. Even though the role of CQ have been found in many contexts but only a few focuses on the benefits of CQ for service providers who have to deal regularly with foreign customers. This research will fill this research gap by studying the role of CQ in airline cabin crew members, which is the context that has never been investigated before. The objective of this study is to investigate...
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    The impact of regulatory frameworks and obligations on telecommunication market developments: analysis of the European and Asian broadband markets and regulatory circumstances 

    Massarczyk, Erik; Vesarach Aumeboonsuke (National Institute of Development Administration, 2020)

    Beginning with the liberalization processes of the fixed telecommunication markets at the end of the 1990s and the beginning of the 2000s, the base for the evolvement of the broadband internet market developments was set. Through the open market access, many different market players were willing to enter the fixed broadband markets. However, due to missing resources not all the enterprises were able to develop own infrastructures. For this reason, enterprises request access to use the existing infrastructure, especially from the incumbent and f...
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    The effect of CEO transformational leadership and organizational ethical culture on corporate sustainability practice of firms in Thailand 

    Nichanal Lamsam; Peerayuth Charoensukmongkol (National Institute of Development Administration, 2020)

    Modern academics and practitioners view corporate sustainability as a new benchmark in the business world that companies should adopt. However, many companies are reluctant to practice corporate sustainability seriously due to the high costs that may not justify business goals. Thus, this research hopes to investigate the determinant of corporate sustainability practices and the benefits that firms can gain from such practices. A number of past studies have been conducted in relation to sustainability considerations. Nonetheless, many of these ...
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    Policy transfer in Thailand : case study of Bangkok World Book Capital 

    Surasak Jotaworn; Sid Suntrayuth (National Institute of Development Administration, 2015)

    This thesis describes the concept of policy transfer network approach by using the World Book Capital Project of UNESCO. It aims to describe the World Book Capital project that transferred to Thailand and to compare with other cities as a lens for understanding the accomplishment situation to become World Book Capital. In addition, this thesis also analyzed the appropriate of policy transfer network approach that use to describe consequence and in-depth information
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    The contribution of managerial ties to international learning capability and export performance : evidence from Thai exporters 

    Nithi Plangsriskul; Peerayuth Charoensukmongkol (National Institute of Development Administration, 2016)

    This study empirically investigates the role of managerial ties that facilitates the acquisition of international learning capability, which consequently benefits export performance. Social capital theory and resource-based view of firm are used as the main theoretical framework for hypotheses development. A survey data were collected from 124 export firms in Thailand. The data were analyzed using partial least square regression analysis. The results suggest positive relationship between managerial ties and the international learning capa...
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    Maintenance-oriented human resource system and performance-oriented human resource system, parents' expectation, career intention and career choice of college graduating students : an example from China 

    Liang, Zhao; Sid Suntrayuth (National Institute of Development Administration, 2019)

    Men are afraid in the wrong line of business, which is a widely known expression in China. Career can not only change people’s lifestyles, but also affect their mental health. Therefore, proper career choice will bring the sense of pleasure and satisfaction and stimulate better dedication to the job and more occupation achievement. For college graduating students, most of them are torn with the choice of working at state-owned (SOE) and private-owned enterprises (POE) at their senior year, as it is the very first time for most of them to ...
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    Contribution of social media use at work to social capital and knowledges sharing : a comparison between Chinese and Thai employees 

    Mei, Ying; Peerayuth Charoensukmongkol (National Institute of Development Administration, 2016)

    Efficient knowledge sharing behavior within enterprises plays a key role in increasing organizations’ competitive strength and productivity. Social media is a way that provides a broader knowledge sharing platform for organizations. However, different culture backgrounds may affect employees’ attitude towards knowledge sharing. This research aims to explore how social media use at work affects knowledge sharing behavior under the cross culture values between Thai and Chinese employees. Social capital was introduced as mediating effects, i...
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    The effect of change in output and inflation on nominal interest rate during the global financial crisis in the Eurozone, the United States, and Thailand and their differences 

    Lacko, Radovan; Vesarach Aumeboonsuke (National Institute of Development Administration, 2015)

    This study focuses on the consequences of the global financial crisis as changes in output and inflation. By researching the effects of these changes, which are the main factors influencing monetary policy, on nominal interest rate, it is important to find out which of these two factors are more important when it comes to the Eurozone and to compare it with the Unites States’ and Thailand’s monetary policy. The paper will focus on comparing the effects of these two variables on nominal interest rate before the crisis and during the global...
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